Developing healthy, resilient & high performing individuals & teams

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Hello, nice to meet you! 

We are a team of Organisational Psychologists and Research Associates, passionate about improving well-being and performance.

Psychological Flexibility

We deliver evidence-based training, coaching and workshops designed to enhance the psychological and behavioural resources of individuals and teams.


We measure and identify the factors that improve psychological well-being and behavioural effectiveness. 

We offer pre-post and follow up analysis to ensure lasting change in employee psychological health and performance.

Workshops & Coaching

Psychological Well-Being & Performance

Psychological Health, Well-Beiung, Mindfulness, Vitality, Stress, Mental Health, Resilience, Burnout


Group training to improve mental health, vitality, focus and effectiveness. Learn to manage stress, improve resilience, prevent burnout and improve effectiveness with psychological flexibility.  


Coaching, Stress, Burnout, Well-Being, Confidence


Improve confidence, vitality, energy and resilience with psychological flexibility coaching. Develop a set of mental skills and strategies to overcome obstacles, manage your energy, improve resilience and achieve goals.

Leader & Team Development

Team Building, Team Effectiveness, Communication, Psychological Safety, Trust, Conflict, Change


Improve leadership and team effectiveness by creating an environment of psychological safety, mindful communication and trust. Create engaged and effective teams that overcome conflict, deal with change, flourish and succeed.

Feedback and Results

Training Outcomes

Perceived Stress -20%

Resilience +17%

Training Outcomes

Perceived Stress -16%

Personal Effectiveness +16%