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Acceptance and Commitment Training

ACT improves mental health and effectiveness by developing a skill called psychological flexibility. 

Case Studies and Testimonials

Here's a little of what our clients have had to say about Acceptance and Commitment Training.

Workshops and Coaching

Psychological Flexibility

Mindful Leadership

Group psychological flexibility training to improve mental health, vitality, focus and effectiveness.  Help people manage stress, prevent burnout and improve performance whilst developing transferable skills for work and life effectiveness.

Developing High Performing Teams

Improve team effectiveness by creating an environment of psychological safety, open communication and trust. Create mindful, purposeful and effective teams that overcome conflict, deal with change, flourish and succeed.

Performance Coaching

Improve performance, confidence, vitality, energy and resilience with ACT Coaching. Develop mental skills and strategies to overcome obstacles, manage your energy, maintain resilience and achieve goals. 

Mindful & Effective Leadership

Develop mindful, resilient and values-driven leaders who communicate with respect, engage others and inspire action. 


Learn to reconnect with personal strengths and values, more skillfully relate to performance interfering thoughts and emotions, and increase behaviours to strengthen resilience.  

Workplace Mental Health

ACT Training has led to clinically significant improvements in psychological health and well-being in work groups. Promote mental health at work and overcome stigma through evidence-based skills training for improved mental health and well-being.


Feedback and Results

Pre-Post Training Results

Vitality +31%

Stress -20%

Focus +18%

Resilience +17%

“I've found that using the techniques to be fully present have been very beneficial in reducing stress and giving perspective on my workload”

"This was a very useful training session. We spend a lot of time working on processes and chasing targets but very little time has been spent concentrating on our own well-being. This should be a regular session"

"Really enjoyed the course and the training was excellent. I hope to take more time to practice mindfulness as I can see the benefits of it in my everyday life.


Wellbeing, Stress, Burnout, Effectiveness, Performance, Resilience


"The training was so different, and very beneficial" 

Eoin, Site Lead, UBER



Pre-Post Training Results

Stress -18%

Personal Effectiveness +17%

Working towards goals +17%

"Thanks very much for your time and training yesterday, it really was indeed very effective! I took a lot from it, really enjoyed it, and have already put some in practice today, and am already a little more chilled out and coping better with the early flood of requests and emails"

"I found the trainer to be very relatable, confident and extremely passionate about what he was delivering. The content on this course is very applicable right now as we're going through so many changes, some difficult ones. Mindfulness should be on the top of everyone's agenda and this course certainly puts people on the right path"


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