Improve Well-Being,
Strengthen Resilience
& Deliver Performance

Preventative, Holistic and Evidence Based 

Workshops and Coaching 

Our Vision


Eoin O'Sullivan, Senior Site Lead, at UBER's Centre of Excellence talks about his experience of ACT as part of a management development programme.

Sarah Patterson, Community Operations Manager, EMEA Incident Response at UBER talks about her experience of ACT

Measurable Outcomes

Training Outcomes

Stress -20%

Resilience +17%

Vitality & Energy +31%

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Training Outcomes

Stress -16%

Engaged +17%

Personal Effectiveness +16%

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Our Clients


I really liked the idea of identifying one key thing that you wanted to

change and then working on it before the next training session. The

training also provided simple, yet effective tools to help you to relax and

put things into perspective.

Barry McNamara, Finance Director, Dell 

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