Sarah Patterson, Community Operations Manager, EMEA Incident Response at UBER talks about her experience of ACT 

Workshops and Coaching



We apply a preventative, evidence-based approach to improving employee well-being and performance.

 Our workshops are designed to enhance the psychological & behavioural resources of individuals by developing a skill called psychological flexibility.

In developing psychological flexibility, employees learn to make their values a more prominent guide to behaviour, even in the presence of difficult thoughts and emotions that can arise daily. 

Research has established that taking mindful and committed action in accordance with these self-chosen values helps individuals to remain resilient and improve effectiveness. 

Tailored Approach

Contact us to explore how we may tailor our sessions to your working environment to achieve measurable change in employee well-being and effectiveness.

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Workshops & Coaching Programs

Wellbeing & Resilience

Psychological Health, Well-Beiung, Mindfulness, Vitality, Stress, Mental Health, Resilience, Burnout


Group training to improve mental health, vitality, focus and effectiveness. Learn to manage stress, improve resilience, prevent burnout and improve effectiveness with psychological flexibility.  

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Performance Coaching

Coaching, Stress, Burnout, Well-Being, Confidence


Improve confidence, vitality, energy and resilience with psychological flexibility coaching. Develop a set of mental skills and strategies to overcome obstacles, manage your energy, improve resilience and achieve goals.

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People & Team Development

Team Building, Team Effectiveness, Communication, Psychological Safety, Trust, Conflict, Change

We work with graduates, managers, leaders and teams to improve effectiveness. We apply the latest research from ACT, Organisational and Positive Psychology to help people fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

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