Our Mission and Values

Our Story

Hello, nice to meet you!

We are Damian, Jaimie and Ross, a team of Organisational Psychologists. We first met as mature students whilst part of the MSc Organisational Psychology Programme at City, University of London. 

Having all experienced career transitions, we soon discovered a shared passion for helping others find more meaning, purpose and vitality in work and life. We soon decided that our ambition was  to make ACT-based work central to our lives. 

It was then that an opportunity arose to become part of the Organisational Psychology Research Group at City, University of London. This was an opportunity to work with Dr. Paul Flaxman, a world leading academic specializing in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for workplace settings.

As Research Associates we now design, deliver and evaluate ACT workplace interventions with Dr. Flaxman as part of the Center for Psychological Well-Being and Neuroscience, City, University of London.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver evidence-based workplace wellbeing programs to improve employee mental health and performance. 

Our Values


We are concerned about the levels of distress that are evident in workplaces today. Our aim to help reduce these levels of distress and we believe that preventative, workplace interventions offer a solution.


We strive to make a positive difference to the health and effectiveness of all those we work with. We believe that we can contribute by making evidence-based workshops accessible to large numbers of people in the workplace. Delivered as training, we believe that ACT can help promote mental health at work, reduce stigma and ultimately improve performance.


We apply the latest cutting edge research and continually work to develop our evidence-based workshops.